4.9 out of 5 based on 165 local reviews

10% off all new boiler installations - Please call for a free quotation.

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4.9 out of 5 based on 165 local reviews

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 Baxi boiler service and repairs


Our Baxi boiler servicing and repair specialist Paul has over 30 years experience and is on call with spare parts carried.


If your Baxi boiler is showing "No Hot Water, No Pilot light, No Central Heating, Poor Flow, Cold Radiators" or any other fault code such as E133, E168, E119, E118 or E160, give Heatcare South's lead engineer Paul a call.


We offer fast response boiler servicing and our experienced Baxi specialist Paul will ensure your hot water and heating is restored in no time.


Paul is a manufacturer trained accredited Baxi engineer offering standard and full strip down servicing ensuring you boiler is burning safely and efficiently.


To book your Baxi boiler in please text or call Paul or Hollie on 07825201431 

Genuine Baxi spare parts carried

Our Gas Safe engineer Paul has been trained by the Baxi manufacturer and is an expert when it comes to repairing and servicing these boilers.


Whatever issue you are having, call us today for free advice on your Baxi boiler. We can sometimes help you re set the problem over the phone, but if not we will arrange a call out with Paul to repair your boiler.


Paul is not coming round to sell you a new boiler, most Baxi's are still servicable even the older ones. 


If you wish to replace your boiler Paul can advise on low cost Baxi boiler replacements, with system cleaning, magnetic filters and extended manufacturers warranties.


To book your Baxi boiler in please text or call Paul or Hollie on 07825201431

Baxi boiler expert servicing 


All Baxi boilers should be serviced annually to keep your manufacturers warranty and house insurance valid.


Paul is on call and available to carry out your boiler servicing requirements.


Paul aims to keep the speed of repairs up and costs down, which is why he carries spare parts in his van.


He gets 85% of Baxi breakdowns repaired in less than 1 hour of his arrival, which means you won´t be left in the cold for long.


To book your Baxi boiler in please text or call Paul or Hollie on 07825201431

10% off all new boiler installations - Please call for a free quotation.

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90%of boilers repaired in 1 hour


"I would just like to say thank you very much for the information that you gave us over the phone today the time you spent talking to us allowed us to understand about CP12's. As we are eldery and are selling our house to move to bournemouth to be nearer our daughter. You explained we needed one of these certificates to sell it. And also explained your rates and how long it would take to do.We will always call you in the future for our Baxi Netatec repair needs. Many thanks for understanding our needs and being patient with us. - Mrs Adams - December-2023

So "I was going to buy a new boiler, but luckily I contacted Paul, who had previously repaired my Baxi Megaflow boiler. He came up the next day and quickly found the loose connection that was causing the problem, made the necessary repair and got it working again. The charge was unbelievably low. He will always be my first port of call for anything that goes wrong with my boiler again as I know I will get a fair deal. I have recommended Heatcare to many people especially as they have saved me lots of money in the past."Very courteous service and although I live out of the way a bit, it was not a problem for him ,which I thought was great. As before discovering Paul I have had no end of trouble in the past finding someone reliable to count on. I was very pleased with what was carried out on my Baxi megaflow Boiler and it didn't cost me a fortune. " Hooray!!! FOR HEATCARE SOUTH - Mr Jason Gill - February-2023

"My boiler (old) just went bang! I knew it was old and probably ready for the scrap heap but I wanted to make sure before I bought a new one. Paul diagnosed the fault as the main fan being faulty, which caused the main PCB to blow. He advised what this type of fault would cost to repair and I decided it was not worth repairing, taking into consideration the age of the machine... no parts/ fixed fee was charged as the Baxi Combi 105 boiler was beyond repair. Although I had to just pay for the hour diagnostic, how many companies do this, not many I think!" - Mr Burt - March-2024